Love Is Force Enough: Touch Nigeria Anthem

TOUCH NIGERIA was founded on 18th October 2011 by Harriet Gore, a Nigerian-born barrister who lives and works in London.  Founded with the aim of putting into practice the belief that positive change is possible through the practice of LOVE, TOUCH NIGERIA aims to touch the conscience of every Nigerian and put patriotism and love at the forefront of thoughts, deeds, behaviour and individual conduct. Members are united by a common passion for what they can do for Nigeria and bear the title “TorchBearers”. Membership is open to every friend of Nigeria  regardless of background. The group believes that each and every citizen of Nigeria has a duty to make Nigeria work. TOUCH NIGERIA reminds people that Nigeria is a family of about 167 million demanding children and its needs are diverse, complicated and cannot be resolved overnight with a magic wand. Change is only possible with perseverance, hard-work, love, understanding, contribution of ideas and solutions and belief in ONE NIGERIA.

We are of the view that constructive criticism is necessary in a democratic society but a culture of pointing accusing fingers at the government officials achieves little because the Nigerian populace is as guilty as those officials whom they criticise. Feed Nigeria love.

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