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PUBLIC ACCESS: Harriet Gore began practice in 1997. She advises and represents individuals from all backgrounds, private entities and public authorities across England and Wales. To facilitate easier access to justice, Harriet undertakes Public Access work, a scheme which puts members of the public in direct touch with barristers thereby saving them costs of going through a Solicitor. For more information on Public Access scheme, click here. To enquire about instructing Harriet, please send an e-mail.

JUSTICE 4 ALL: Harriet strongly believes that access to justice is as fundamental as food and must not be the preserve of a few. Her passion for accessibility inspired her to initiate JUSTICE 4 ALL which is a customised workshop designed with young people in mind and compliments the school curriculum. JUSTICE 4 ALL facilitates better understanding of fundamental legal rights and takes access to justice to the doorsteps of tomorrow’s leaders. JUSTICE 4 ALL is ideal for schools and communities including projects under the government’s big society initiative. For more information on JUSTICE 4 ALL or to book a workshop please e-mail:                   Blog